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Relaxation Therapy (RT)


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Alternative Medicine
As reported in NAVYTIMES.COM SEPT 2017:

"From acupunture to yoga, which service members are getting what types of alternative medical care? A recent Rand study looked at figures from fiscal 2008-2013 and at available treatments as of 2015. Some of the findings include:

75% Treatment facilities surveyed in 2015 that provided stress managment or relaxation therapy to service memebers -- the largest percentage out of the alternative therapies listed. "

About Relaxation Therapy (RT)
the Original Relaxation Therapy brought to you by Reaume Carroll Mulry, Ph.D.

Relaxation Therapy (RT) has been implemented throughout North America in diverse employer environments including Fortune 500 corporations, healthcare delivery systems, federal agencies, municipalities, Fort Bragg Womack Army Medical Center, 82nd Airborne Division, Sheridan VA Regional Medical Center, VA Portland Health Care System - Salem CBOC - VAPORHCS and most recently, Taos VA CCBOC

RT has consistently received superior ratings and often ranked 'Best Training'. It is our pleasure to offer Relaxation Therapy globally as we strive to resolve stress based health issues. We are especially pleased to offer American Veterans Relaxation Therapy in appreciation for their service to our country.

The Unique Relaxation Therapy Method
The Power of Rhythmic Flow

Relaxation Therapy consists of three stages. The first stage consists of a basic breathing exercise referred to as Soft Stomach Breathing and Deep Rhythmic Breathing. The second stage consists of some simple muscle relaxation exercises, proceeding from the feet, up through the body, concluding in the facial region. The third stage consists of a simple meditation exercise utilizing various sounds of nature, including Sounds of the Sea with the rhythmic flow of the waves upon the beach; Gentle Rainfall with the sound of rain falling into a quiet pool; Desert Sunrise with the quiet chirping of desert birds; and An Evening with Nature which consists of a babbling brook in a forest setting.

These four separate versions of Relaxation Therapy are presented on separate audio CD's, each of which is preceded by the 15 minute relaxation induction procedure.

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