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featuring the 4-Core Competencies of Internal Locus of Control and
Elite Performers In The Zone
COACHING AND TRAINING FOR INTERNAL LOCUS of CONTROL and ELITE PERFORMERS IN THE ZONE. Whether your athletic or artistic interests are recreational, personal or business relevant,  Dr. Ray will help you achieve your highest aspirations.  Each In The Zone Coaching experience features his four fundamentals of Internal Locus of Control and Elite Athletlic Performances. His personalized coaching takes you through the physical and mental exercises needed for best performance in any activity, at any time.
In a rare blend of penetrating insight and creative drama, Clinical & Sport Psychologist, Ray Mulry, Ph.D. shares his vast knowledge of powerful  psychological mechanisms driving optimal mental performance, the rapidly emerging concentration of the new golfer-athlete.
is your most important step toward rapid personal change. Dr. Ray's Personal Change Indicator (PCI) for self-assessment functions like a highly efficient, well-organized mind. Starting from the perspective of a wide-angle lens, you will examine a panorama of possible concerns. The PCI will automatically adjust your lens, rapidly prioritizing these concerns according to their relative significance to you. Zooming in for a close-up, the PCI will surface your most significant personal concern, available to you immediately in your online "This is Me!" report.
Freedom From Stress and Back Pain self-management training program, focused on injury prevention, early intervention and accelerated rehabilitation resulting from our Sport psychology Training - featuring the 4-Core competencies of Internal Locus of Control and Elite Performers In The Zone everywhere.
POWER BREATHING is focused on an essential component of Internal Locus of Control and a fundamental skill of martial artists and high performance athletes everythere.